PB Saturday

There will be PB this Saturday, April 27th, at LaVerendrye from noon until 2 p.m.  Please note that this play is for 3.0 players and above.


No PB at LaVerendrye

This Thursday, April 25th, there is no pb at LaVerendrye as the gym is being used for another purpose.

Paddle Order

Sue will be placing a Selkirk paddle order later this week.  Selkirk paddles are made in North America and have a lifetime warranty.  There are 14 demo paddles to try during the T/Th play times at LaVerendrye.  The paddle prices vary, but Sue will match or beat the on-line Canadian price quotes.   See or email Sue (syuan@lakeheadu.ca) if you are interested in purchasing a paddle.

Strategy Clinic April 23

Have you been playing pickleball for a while?  Do you want to improve your game?  This clinic will help players take their game to the next level.  Emphasis will be on shot selection and court positioning.  This clinic is appropriate for players who have the basic skills down and now want to learn strategy.

Although the clinic is free, there is limited space and registration is necessary (contact Sue at syuan@lakeheadu.ca).  The clinic is at LaVerendrye High School from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 23.  Paddles are available.

Beginners Clinic April 16

If you are a beginner or just want to improve your strokes, this clinic is for you.  We’ll cover basic rules, basic strategies, and proper strokes with lots of time to practice.  Although the clinic is free, there is limited space and registration is necessary (contact Sue at syuan@lakeheadu.ca).  The clinic is Tuesday, April 16 from 7-8:30 p.m. at LaVerendrye High School.

Merry Christmas PB Poem

Twas the night before Christmas

And out on the courts

Were all types of people

In tennies and shorts

All of them beaming and shouting with joy

Happy as children with a new Christmas toy

Out of their bags, colorful paddles appeared

To the kitchen they scurried, lined up, and cheered

Let’s dink it and drop it, let’s volley and kill

The balls started bouncing as if without will

The sound from the paddles and balls as they rose

Moved all of the players to the tips of their toes

Cross court and forward, balls started to fly

When appeared an old player with a wink in his eye

Dressed in all red from his head to his toe

A smile on his face and a warm, cheery glow

0-0-2 he shouted as he served me the ball

He moved like the wind, barely saw him at all

Then all of a sudden, it was 11 to 0

As we lightly touched paddles, he said he must go

Before I asked where, he disappeared in a haze,

But I heard his farewell while still in my daze

“Keep playing and laughing and having your fun!

Merry Pickleball to all, my work here is done!”


[A Poem By Greg LaVelle

The working group that oversees play at LaVerendrye shares its guiding philosophy

The Thunder Bay Pickleball Club at LaVerendrye High School offers a competitive environment that caters to intermediate/advanced players while still welcoming and providing opportunities for beginner and novice development.

We recognize the following:

  • LaVerendrye (LAV) is the only venue in Thunder Bay offering intermediate/advance play;
  • LAV is the only indoor venue in Thunder Bay with courts suitable for intermediate/advanced play;
  • The beginner and novice play at LAV is geared toward player development;
  • And, the priority at LAV is intermediate/advanced play.